School Presentation Endorsements

Lynn Fredrick spoke to the Shell Lake students, grades 8-12, about the dangers of pornography, sexual predators, sexting, gaming, and sex trafficking. His one hour presentation with our students covered a wide variety of material that teenagers need to hear, particularly about the widespread epidemic of pornography. Lynn’s presentation was very factual, including heartbreaking stories and statistics about the dangers of pornography in our society. He gave examples of how to set personal boundaries to protect oneself on the internet and in video games. I appreciate Lynn’s candor about a sensitive subject, which he addressed in a very matter of fact manner. Our students left the presentation with good information about this topic, suggestions of how to stay safe and a greater awareness of the dangers on the internet.

Heather Cox
Principal, Shell Lake 7-12

Lynn Fredrick spoke to both a group of about 40 parents and also to our entire HS and 8th grade class here at Bruce School in regard to sexual addiction, pornography, sex trafficking and the dangers present to our youth.

Lynn is an excellent speaker who speaks with great passion and conviction for his topic. His personal story, his research, and his stories of others not only captivated our adults and children alike, but also bring a real awareness of the issues our youth face daily. The exploitation of our youth for sexual means is a major issue in our society and a real dilemma for every parent to worry about. Lynn’s message is powerful, to the point and needs to be heard by students and parents alike.

Lynn is an author and a speaker who I highly recommend to speak to any Middle, High School or parent group in regard to the awareness of the dangers of pornography, sex trafficking and social media.

Larry Villiard
Principal, Bruce High School

Positive feedback from students! Some junior girls said there are some kids here who definitely needed to hear this. Sophomores really liked his composer.

A solid message effective due to his comfort in front and his ability to speak to the group, work the stage, and not rely on notes or a power point.

Thank you!

Chantel Randall
Teacher, Bruce High School

Great information, transparent and powerful.

Denise Ziperski
Teacher, Bruce High School

A truth filled presentation on the devastating effects of pornography. Lynn speaks from experience and his passion for this subject matter is heard from the very beginning. Eye opening statistics on the relationship between pornography, gaming, and sex trafficking. Whether you want to inform a group of parents and community members or educate students, I highly recommend this presentation. No one is talking about this and we need to be!

Lanita Stutzman
Executive Director, Youth Center behind Power House; RN

Lynn’s presentation was unashamedly forthright and spoke clearly of the problems created in the lives of individuals and the greater community as a result of the pervasive and addictive qualities of the pornography industry.  This is a great opportunity for you to educate yourself and to tap into Lynn’s extensive knowledge base. The highlight of Lynn’s presentation is how Jesus provides hope no matter what the situation.

Juanita Olsen
Pastor’s Wife; RN

I appreciate Lynn’s honesty and courage as he opens up communication on such an important topic.  His experience, his homework and genuine love for people make for a powerful presentation!

Brian Chitwood
Pastor, First Church of Christ, Ladysmith

Lynn spoke to our high school students about sex trafficking and internet pornography.  Although these topics can be hard to discuss, Lynn presented facts and research on the topics which kept the attention of our students during the presentation.  The information provided was eye opening and make a huge impact on our students.  I would recommend Lynn Fredrick to speak to your students about the dangers and challenges surrounding our youth.

Mr. Brian Buck
Middle and High School Principal, Turtle Lake