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Lynn Fredrick was once bound by sexual addiction but has since been set free, ultimately leading him to write his book, Stand Firm. Lynn Fredrick is available to present at both public and private high schools, middle schools, colleges, and your organization! It is recommended to have one presentation for the students (parts 1-3, below) and then another for the wider community the same evening (part 4, below). More resources are available below.

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Below is the format for his prepared presentation(s).

Part 1-3 (40 Minutes)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Statistics on Porn Use Personal Story You Are the Author of Your Story
The Truth about Porn (its education and consequences) Downward Spiral of Addiction Time Out! Seek Help
Sex Trafficking Rebuilding a Belief System Boundaries / Support Each Other
Grooming Through Video Gaming Love and Sex Lead, Don’t Follow
What Is Intimacy, Anyway? End Demand
The Future Is in the Decisions You Make
Questions and Answers

Part 4

Evening Community Presentation

  • Recap of Parts 1-3
  • Emphasis on Video Gaming and Using the Divine Power of God to Transform Your Life

Note: Combining Parts 1-4 is a one-hour presentation.

Resources for Statistics and Public School Presentations

Enough Is Enough

Internet safety for children and families

Shared Hope International

Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers, Opal Singleton

Renting Lacy: A Story of America’s Prostituted Children, Linda Smith, former Congressional Representative and founder of Shared Hope International

Don’t Call It Love / Contrary to Love / Out of the Shadows, Dr. Patrick Carnes, pioneer and lead researcher in the field of sexual addiction, Clinical Director for Sexual Dependency and Sexual Trauma at Del Amo Hospital in Torrance, California

Faithful and True: Sexual Integrity in a Fallen World, Dr. Mark Laaser, pioneer in the field of sexual addiction and intervention, founder and Clinical Director for Sexual Dependency at Faithful and True Clinic in Eden Prairie, Minnesota