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Lynn spoke at the WCN Conference on April 12, 2024 at 7:30 pm. Watch the presentation, here.

Watch Lynn on WCN TV | Lynn Contributes Articles at WCN

Listen to a sermon delivered by Lynn at Living Faith Church in Exeland, WI.

Lynn will be speaking at the WCN Conference at 6 pm central time on April 14, 2023. Find details about each at the WCN link above.

Author Lynn Fredrick shares about his journey of recovery from sexual addiction that ultimately led him to write his book, Stand Firm:

An Invitation to the Reader

We live in a world of light and darkness, good and evil. We can choose to rise out of the darkness and look to God for his light that burns eternally. My husband, Lynn made that choice. In my mind he is like a modern day Moses who went searching for the promised land. As he stood on the shore of his Red Sea, stained within and full of shame, he turned his will over to God. Then God took him by the hand, and led him on a journey to the freedom that is found in God’s love and grace on the other side.

Come, now is the time to learn what Lynn has to share about his awesome journey. Lynn’s story speaks of his insights of love, the wisdom God has placed in his heart, the power of faith and the beauty of God’s truth and promises that are available when you trust in the power of God.

Don’t be afraid. You are well companioned on this journey. Travel on with faith, with courage in your heart. Beyond the darkness, behold: God’s light and grace!

~ Terry L. Fredrick

Podcast conversation with Dr. Mike Spaulding,
Soaring Eagle Radio

Lynn presented at the “Go Therefore” Conference, July 24th, 2020.

Endorsements for Stand Firm

“Lynn Fredrick is one of those deeply dedicated Christian men who has worked an exemplary program. We need more testimonies like this one so as to encourage all of us.”
~ Dr. Mark Laaser, M.Div., Ph.D.
Founder of Faithful and True, www.faithfulandtrue.com

“I have known Lynn Fredrick for almost ten years, and serve as pastor of the church he writes about in Stand Firm. I have been a part of his progress from suspect church member to church team leader to elder. In this book, Lynn chronicles the foundation of that process — a journey that few people dare to attempt: a journey to the center of one’s self. There Lynn has looked evil in the eye with the weapons of God’s grace, and has overcome. Stand Firm is a candid and practical resource for anyone that is fighting an addiction, or for any sinner who needs help in overcoming themselves.”
~ Donn Schroeder
Senior Pastor, First Church of Christ, Ladysmith, WI

“With much rigorous honesty, transparency, and vulnerability, Lynn Fredrick makes his life an open book in conversationally walking us through his journey into — and out of — sexual addiction. This rich and helpful book will offer great hope to others facing similar struggles.”
~ Mark Halvorsen
Talk Show Host, WWIB Christian Radio,
Co-founder of Teamwork Africa

“Lynn’s story is real, his struggle is real, and his approach to recovery is real. The strategies, scriptural basis, and positive approach are real. Stand Firm is a road map to recovery and a practical, bible-based, step-by-step, honest approach. This is a book of hope.”
~ Mark Bergen
Professional Counselor, State of Wisconsin

“Stand Firm is a brutally honest confession of a wonderful man whose ‘life’ was destroyed by his slavery to sexual addiction. This is a heart-wrenching yet hope-filled recollection of Lynn’s recovery journey, from those inaudible voices telling him to ‘pull the trigger’ to the Promised Land of living twenty-four years without secrets and shame. Restored to new life by the light of God’s grace is more than a cliché for this author; it is his reality, and he offers us that same opportunity. Thank you for your courage and compassion, Lynn Fredrick.”
~ Deacon Craig Voldberg
Parish Life Coordinator for the Rusk County Catholic Community in the Diocese of Superior, WI

“In recent years, I’ve read several books about the issue of pornography and its negative impact on our culture. Lynn Fredrick, in Stand Firm, not only chronicles his personal journey to freedom, but he also offers a path to hope for anyone in bondage. This book is biblically sound, practical, and encouraging. I highly recommend it!”
~ Pastor Kurt W. Bubna
Author of Epic Grace: Chronicles of a recovering Idiot

Lynn Fredrick at WCN 2024

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