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Author Lynn Fredrick shares about his journey of recovery from sexual addiction that ultimately led him to write his book, Stand Firm:

An Invitation to the Reader

We live in a world of light and darkness, good and evil. We can choose to rise out of the darkness and look to God for his light that burns eternally. My husband, Lynn made that choice. In my mind he is like a modern day Moses who went searching for the promised land. As he stood on the shore of his Red Sea, stained within and full of shame, he turned his will over to God. Then God took him by the hand, and led him on a journey to the freedom that is found in God’s love and grace on the other side.

Come, now is the time to learn what Lynn has to share about his awesome journey. Lynn’s story speaks of his insights of love, the wisdom God has placed in his heart, the power of faith and the beauty of God’s truth and promises that are available when you trust in the power of God.

Don’t be afraid. You are well companioned on this journey. Travel on with faith, with courage in your heart. Beyond the darkness, behold: God’s light and grace!

~ Terry L. Fredrick